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Bling New York City

How to implement your uniqueness into Fashions.

Fashion is all about finding your uniqueness. Here are few tips on how to express your uniqueness through fashion:

  1. Shine with What You Have: The fundamental objective of any fashion is to do the best you can with what you have focusing on the strengths and the dominant characteristics. I’m not perfectly beautiful, but like everyone, some parts of me are excellent. I strive to create an air of elegance by choosing clothes and accessories that beautifies parts of my body, complexion, or hair. People who looked at me could imagine me as a fashionista.
  2. Experiment and Have Fun: Attaining greatness in fashion is not easy; there are real perils involved: the goal when entering the event hall is to create grateful smiles and not mocking grins. The distinction between bold and showy can be narrow sometimes; sensual can be dangerously close to slutty; Exoticism can become erotic. Failures occur even on the Oscar`s red carpet. But that’s what makes it fun. Boldness would not be exciting if it was not dangerous. When you are without a glitch,the result can be the best in the world!
  3. Go Simple: It is always a good idea be simple if “bold” is not your thing. Opt for a silk blouse, a pencil skirt, and an easy-to-match basic wardrobe staples. But if you feel bold one day, add something great to your outfit like a black leather skirt, fancy jewelry, knee high boots, or a gold white Rachel Gold tank top.

You have to follow your heart and allow your fashion choices to express your personality. The designs, the fabrics, the colors, and the styles are sincere expressions of your tastes, and opinions on fashion. When you can love and embrace the person who looks at you, other people also join you to love you.